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    Clearing my grandads name


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    Clearing my grandads name Empty Re: Clearing my grandads name

    Post  JonJon on Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:54 pm

    The SHG Web may be of some help?


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    Clearing my grandads name Empty Clearing my grandads name

    Post  Danbradbury on Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:04 am

    Hi there,

    I'm just after some advise. Years ago my grandad was convicted of cruelty to animals. He had 6 cows taken from a herd of around 40, apparently it was only them six that were abused even though they ran together. Head no warning notice, the six that were taken from a beef suckler herd were dairy cows so obviously did not carry as much weights the others. They tried to get £30,000 out of him and then he could have the cows back even though he had apparently treated them cruely. He had no money so could in no way pay this. So he had to let the cows go probably to slaughter even though they were good, productive animals. He carried on with his other cattle, he had horses, cats,dogs, goats,pigs and poultry and even though he was supposed to have been cruel to animals the RSPCA never bothered him again.

    To my point, my grandad past away last week. I found all the paperwork from this case when going through his stuff. Me and the family are going to try to appeal this case and clear my grandads name at it was a massive injustice, a complete shambles of a case and a big dent in my grandads pride. I just wondered if anyone had any contacts with this kind of thing or could help in any way. The case was over10 years ago so it will be difficult but I feel it is a cause worth pursuing.

    Tha is,dan

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