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    Post  moonstone on Sat Feb 16, 2013 3:10 pm

    I have made some inquiries on the facebook group "rspca-money grabbing & couldn't care less" on your behalf apparently you do not have to go to their interview under caution as they have no powers to force you to go Very Happy they are just an animal charity with no powers to make you go Smile
    If they threaten you then contact your lawyer and tell them they are harrassing you Smile and demand you mares return they have no right to remove her body Shocked i have asked for some of the members to come over and give you some better advice so hopefully you will be better equiped to handle them when they start to question you again No also contact SHG Smile if you wnat to joim the facebook group then google anti rspca groups and they will show up Smile
    If you do go make sure that you have your solicitor with you (one who deas with the rights of animls)

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    .... Empty I am being investigated by rspca-help!

    Post  moonstone on Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:07 pm

    Hello and welcome to the forum Very Happy firstly let me say how sorry i am that you have lost your mare and the circumstances you now find yourself in Sad rspca have no rights of arrest/entry or anything else ,they are just an animal charity and not a very good one either No you were right not to let them enter your field and they should not have taken your mare away No obviously they are planning to prosecute you hence the interview under caution Crying or Very sad you are what we call an "easy target" someone who they can prosecute and hopefully get large sums of money from Shocked
    I would get your vet to ask for her body back and get your own PM done (you are within your rights to do this)they cannot challenge a vet as they are NOT vets themselves so do not have the knowledge to be able to tell whether a horse has been mistreated or not Sad
    I would get your vet to speak to them on your behalf and query just why they have taken her away for PM and what it is they are suggesting is wrong with her Shocked
    I am not sure if an interview under caution is a legal option or if they just make this rule up as they have NO POWERS at all No but i would consult a solicitor (one who deals with complaints against rspca) as they will need to be experianced in dealing with this sneaky,slimy lot of liers No be prepared for lies and more lies from them Shocked you could contact SHG detaits are on the top of this forum and they will be able to give you expert advice Smile

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