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    springer spaniel siezed



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    Re: springer spaniel siezed

    Post  Admin on Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:09 am

    sorry to hear this, you must get a solocitor straight away, and talg to the SHG
    if the RSPCA were alone its an illegal seizure, complain to the police, although they will cover each others back. Good luck.


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    springer spaniel siezed

    Post  tracey65 on Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:32 pm

    i have had my 9 year old springer siezed whilst i was at work , she has an ocd dissorder ... acral lick dissorder , she was due to go to the vets today to have it looked at as it is my day off work , the came to my house and i had a call whilst i was at work telling me that she needed a vet there and then and they wernt prepared to wait till the appointment so they siezed her , i now do not know where she is, she has had this problem since my late husband died and over the last couple of years , obviously the thickening has gotten worse , i hold my hands up and admit i have never taken her to a vet but have had advice both over the phone and in person when with my other dogs at the vets she has anti histamines to help with the itching and it is cleaned and spreyed with antiseptic spray twice a day when she statrs to chew they are now saying that i may be prosicuted as my dog has never actually seen a vet with her leg , becaouse their vet says it has been a long term problem and i have neglected her , i have other dogs and they say that if prossicuted i will get all removed and have a lifetime ban from keeping animals i an distraught ... can anyone please advise me what to do apart from consulting a solicitor which i have numbers for already Sad

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