Campaign to bring private prosecutions made by the RSPCA under the control of the CPS

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    Post  Trilby Bee on Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:31 am

    Well, Rosiepit, yes we all know how they twist everything to their advantage. I STILL have SIGNED statements from the RSPCA and another on the same side which blatantly contradict each other. She (the RSPCA bitch) had lied without checking the other guy's statement (thick you see)purely to get a conviction. Now Rosiepit, I am not that knowledgeable about dogs myself, but I thought Pitbull Terriers were a type rather than a breed, i.e. technically they do not exist as a breed. Many dogs crossed with a Staffordshire or an English Bull terrier have a look which is similar to that of a Pitbull.
    Now also, Rosiepit, unless the charge was accompanied by one of neglest/cruelty etc, why were the RSPCA involved? Well, so that they could score points and get publicity which means cash, was that it? I thought having a "dangerous dog" was a matter for the police. If the RSPCA OR the police have the dogs now, I think their future is bleak. My animal was kept by the RSPCA for six months while the case was on-going, their vet, the most expensive in the area, in cahoots with them running up a bill of £600 a month (true)but the minute the case was over they killed her. I have that as a fact. So if she was in such a state that she had to be "seized", why did they let her live for so long, I mean if she was "suffering". No, they passed her on to someone they knew would not want to pay for her keep. Until the end of the case, they were whopping up massive bills at MY expense, case over, no way were THEY going to foot the bill.

    So, bottom line. Where are your dogs now and are you going to appeal? I was on legal aid unfortunately, load of crap, and was advised not to appeal, even tho' I got a worse sentence than the policeman who baked three dogs in the back of his car when it was 101 in the shade. So you were (presumably) charged with keeping dangerous dogs Evil or Very Mad but what exactly did the RSPCA cook up. And the fact you had a muzzle in the house, so what? My neighbour has a Staffie cross and he's a judge!! Surprised Let us know where you stand at the moment. Good luck.

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    Post  moonstone on Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:09 am

    Rosepit Smile they only use judges/vets that are in with them so you won,t get a fair hearing No any prosecution that they bring will be heavily weighted in their favour Evil or Very Mad as said on my previous post, they make up evidence give false statements...seize animals illegally (they did with mine)lie again and again Evil or Very Mad reading your tale again i see that you have already been found "guilty" but you could try to get a lawyer to look into your case again Smile
    You have my sympathies Crying or Very sad i know how they operate and what evil SCUMBAGS they are Twisted Evil

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    WELCOME rosiepit!!!

    Post  moonstone on Sat Mar 10, 2012 4:03 pm

    Hello Rosiepit and welcome to the forum Very Happy afraid that most of us on here are already aware of the bullying Twisted Evil lying Twisted Evil cheating SCUMBAGS Evil or Very Mad that call themselves RSPCA No just typing their name make me wnat to bash my head against the wall Rolling Eyes
    Sorry to hear that you have had your dogs taken away Sad have you asked your vet to speak up for you Smile RSPCA are NOT vets so they cannot overrule a vet Smile and remember that they have NO POWERS cheers they are just a very bad animal charity who specilize in killing healthy pets that could be rehomed with time and care Sad
    Have you taken legal advice ? there are lots of solicitors who will be able to speak up for you Smile have a look at some of the cases on here abd maybe you will be able to fight for your dogs.

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    Post  rosiepit on Sat Mar 03, 2012 6:48 am

    alright lads n ladies??!!...myself and family have suffered at hands of rspca. currently banned from owning dogs as me n my wife were found guilty of owning pitbull type dogs.rspca are the scum of the earth.they charged my missus even though she took nothing to do with the keeping of the dogs.the tactics to secure prosecutions by these fucks is getting worse!!....i had a few pitbull and irish stafford books,about the histories etc,and in court they were going to try and make out myself and wife were interested in illegaly fighting dogs because of these books,that i had a weight pull harness,and a muzzle.the thing is,most idiot judges would believe that sort of bollocks!!

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