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    Are judges seeing through the RSPCA at last?


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    Re: Are judges seeing through the RSPCA at last?

    Post  JonJon on Fri Aug 31, 2012 7:23 pm

    >The Police aided and abetted this raid so they were just as bad as RSPCA. Mad That’s normal.
    >The police ignored what an RSPCA inspector was doing; Neutral not surprising.

    As far as I know they defiantly cannot do anything forcefully to anyone. It’s the Police that only have the powers to restrain anyone or arrest. They certainly try to look like the Police in there appearance and they caution you just like the Police under (pace) anything you say and all that….
    >It was police who locked me in a car for 6 hours while they illegally stole my animals;
    (Unless they are signed over to them) As far as I know it’s the Police only that have the power to take animals away from anyone, that’s normally under RSPCA’s Vet advice. But, or if they believe that the Animal welfare act has definitely been contravened. That usually isn’t too hard for them to make up!
    The Police take them into care and most of the time hand them over to the RSPCA.

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    Are judges seeing through rspca at last?

    Post  moonstone on Sat Jun 16, 2012 3:10 pm

    The police ignored what rspca was doing Shocked they kept telling me to sign my pets over to them as they would take good care of them wouldn't they??? rspca love animals don't they No it was police who locked me in a car for 6 hours while they illegaly stole my animals Evil or Very Mad it was one officer who even stooped to taking away my mobile so that i had no contact with anyone Evil or Very Mad my family didn't know where i was or what was happening to me Crying or Very sad they aided and abetted this raid so were just as bad as rspca No they are in league with rspca Evil or Very Mad

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    Re: Are judges seeing through the RSPCA at last?

    Post  badgerchick on Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:01 pm

    Moonstone, I'm wondering if you took action against the police? That they stood by and did nothing while you were assaulted by an rspca employee is most disturbing - surely you had a case against them?

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    Are judges seeing through the rspca at last?

    Post  moonstone on Sun May 13, 2012 1:04 pm

    Well trilby Bee Smile i have noticed a pattern to their cases Rolling Eyes they seem to target the elderly pensioners with just their pets for company Crying or Very sad these are people who probably own their homes so rspca can ask for costs and a charge to be put on the property Shocked not stupid are they jocolor so they get the house and publicity and lots of donations too No
    They leave the gypsy horses to suffer as even if they take them the gypsies will plead poverty and they will get nothing Smile BTW Zola is supposed to be in court again this week Crying or Very sad thaat's if rspca bother to turn up Crying or Very sad
    Trilby Bee

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    Are Judges Seeing Through The RSPCA At Last?

    Post  Trilby Bee on Sun May 13, 2012 11:13 am

    Here was yet another easy target for them, an elderly and infirm lady walking with two sticks for God's sake. Evil or Very Mad ell, at least good sense prevailed in the end. My friend's cousin, a retired magistrate, told us that she was well aware that the magistrates were getting fed-up with RSPCA bullying tactics. However, I did not find it so, and I still believe that many magistrates are hand in glove with them. Also their "expert witnesses" are greedy money-grabbing vets who do and say what they are told to do and say so that they will get a conviction, publicity from the conviction and donations rolling in as a result.
    I take it the £28,000 costs was paid out of the donations from well-meaning people? Evil or Very Mad It's good to know that the money is well-spent? Are they so thick that they cannot see they are stealing healthy animals? No doubt some miserable "concerned member of the public" who has never owned an animal and never spent a penny on feeding one possibly saw a skinny old cat (when they are 19 they have a tendency to lose weight) so thought they would put the world to rights. If she had three cockerels, they had obviously been handed to her by people who could not keep them as their crowing was causing complaints, so out of the kindness of her heart she took them in.
    I would like to know when the RSPCA will get involved with the Grand National for starters, then there is the question of Halal meat which they also do not get involved with. No, let's pick on a poor old disabled lady feeding 13 unwanted cats. affraid They make you want to puke.

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    Are judges seeing through the RSPCA at last?

    Post  moonstone on Sun May 13, 2012 8:05 am

    This case has been posted from facebook forum Smile
    Rspca inspectors (mob handed Evil or Very Mad ) raided 67 year old spinster Georgina Langley Evil or Very Mad they took away (stole) her 13 cats 4 cockerals and 1 dog Sweetie..charging her with 13 counts of animal cruelty No
    Ms. Langley had lived in her house all her life and was known in the village as the "cat lady" Smile she would take in animals from villagers Smile she lived alone and these animals were her only companions Smile
    She had never been in any trouble nor been to court before Smile within days of taking her pets they had PTS 5 cats Shocked Crying or Very sad
    Her vet Mr.Smith from Lakeview vets demanded the bodies of 2 cats to get an independant post mortem done on them 😢this was carried put by an independant at the RCF Shocked one was a ginger tom and the other a pregnant female about to give birth to 3 kits Crying or Very sad he found them both healthy with no problems not even fleas and wanted answers as to why rpsca had put them down Crying or Very sad
    She was defended in court by Nigel Weller of east Sussex who has made something of a name for himself in defending cases against rspca Very Happy
    Rspca dropped 11 charges against Ms.langley before the case got to court and the judge found her guilty of one charge of failing to get vet treatment earlier No
    He refused rspca's request to make Ms.Langley pay £28.000 towards the court costs Very Happy they had asked for a charge to be made against her house :evil:again this was refused.
    He also refused to ban her from keeping animals for life and awarded her 1 cat her cockerals and dog to be given back to her Smile she allowed the other remaining cats to be rehomed Smile
    This poor lady is disabled and walks with two sticks Crying or Very sad the judge said that she needed some help not to be dragged through the courts Smile
    So at last it seems that some judges are seeing rspca for what they really are Smile money grabbing SCUMBAGS Evil or Very Mad

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    Re: Are judges seeing through the RSPCA at last?

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