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    Advertise Your Pet The RSPCA Way...FOR FREE


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    Re: Advertise Your Pet The RSPCA Way...FOR FREE

    Post  basil on Thu Jun 07, 2012 2:20 pm

    Amazing ... and no one at Pets at home challenged this "directive" at the time?
    It would be interesting to hear what the kennel club thought of it.
    Trilby Bee

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    Advertise Your Pet The RSPCA Way...FOR FREE

    Post  Trilby Bee on Thu May 31, 2012 8:09 am

    Well, I heard something a couple of days ago and really cannot get my head round it. Rolling Eyes A neighbour of mine whose cat had a litter of kittens decided to advertise them. As she had paid for the first vaccination (with paperwork to prove)and also for flea and wormer treatment, she thought it right to ask for a contribution towards their treatments. The charities do the same, and quite rightly so. This is partly to recoup the costs of treatment and, just as importantly, to get a message to a prospective new owner that pets COST. There is a certain mentality that will grab anything as long as it's free.
    She decided to ask at Pets At Home if she could put a card on their notice board. The staff member went to check and came back and told her that she was sorry, but they had received a directive from - you guessed it - the RSPCA telling them that they were no longer allowed to advertise pets for sale. However, if you want to advertise free pets you may. So, someone sees a free kitten, aaaaah, how cute, look, it costs nothing, let's get it for Kylie, after a while Kylie gets bored with it and it is abandoned or handed to the rspca for rehoming and promptly despatched. Of course, if you want a free elderly dog or cat to use for dog bait, great. if people have to PAY for something, surely they give it more thought than if it's a freebie.

    I wonder too if they will check GUMTREE's pet notices, a few of which are free but most of which are from people who breed for profit. Today there were over 1600 cats/kittens in London alone on Gumtree, most of them FOR SALE. I can quite uderstand that some people have a litter of kittens from the family cat and think it is somehow wrong to ask for money for them. But believe me, if they are given away for free, they will be on Gumtree within 48 hours for about £100 if they are pretty coloured. Oh, and what about newsagents' windows? Will they police those as well? What is the logic behind this? I will try to find out more myself next time I go to Pets at Home. study I will try to get the manager and ask him/her what reason they gave if any for this strange directive. Cool I wonder if this means the RSPCA will start giving away animals which have been vaccinated etc? I somehow doubt it. Is this what they spend time and money doing? It would appear so.

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