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    Summons received, Advice needed.

    Trilby Bee

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    Summons received, Advice needed. - Page 2 Empty Summons Received. Advice Needed.

    Post  Trilby Bee on Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:46 pm

    Another tale of woe. say it took two days to find out that the RSPCA had the dog, which to me is a bit strange. If the RSPCA "seizes" an animal in the owner's absence, they leave a notice attached to the gate/ fence etc. I believe they must be obliged to do this by law. If there was no such notice, it occurs to me that one of the neighbours climbed over the locked gate and grabbed your Auntie's dog and took her to the RSPCA. Just a thought, but in the long run it makes no difference I suppose. But you say no-one knows how it happened, but yes, someone does, someone must, as the dog did not decide to escape and give herself up to the Pet Mafia.

    I am so sorry to hear what has happened. Tell oyur Aunt she MUST get legal advice, go to Citizens' Advice and ask what lawyers wll do the case on Legal Aid if your Auntie is a bit short of cash. She canot take these b^^^^^^s on by herself. The RSPCA will have spent the last few months treating Sammy for her dermatitis and got her looking good so they can show before and after pictures, after which, as Sam is 10 and "ugly" as you say they will deem her "unhomeable" and have her PTS however sweet a girl she is.

    My friend has a relative who is a retired magistrate and when she told her about my case, she said, "Tell her to be very careful...careful who she speaks to, careful what she says." Your Aunt is an easy victim...tell her to get some legal advice and soon.

    Good luck to her, hope Sammy will be OK. Don't get your Aunt too panic-stricken, but advise her as best you can, and that defo means getting Legal Aid if necessary. Then check that the Legal Aid firm is not a load of s**t like mine was. Check what they are doing, whether they have even read the notes you make etc...

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    Summons received, Advice needed. - Page 2 Empty Summons received, Advice needed.

    Post  CatDog on Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:00 am

    Hello everyone,

    I am on here wanting some help for my Aunty.

    She has had her dog Sammy for over ten years and she has a skin condition which requires steroids or tablets from vets monthly.

    If you saw her in the street, you'd think she was such an ugly dog but she's a right sweetie and she's one of the family, very well looked after HOWEVER

    To cut a long story short, she went missing from a secure locked garden and we reported her missing...

    2 days later, we found out she was with the RSPCA. We have a locked gate so someone must have sneaked in there and carried her over... however still to this day NO ONE knows how she ended up there.

    The RSPCA have had her now for 3 months, hardly had a phone call off them updating us, in fact I have been the one to ring and almost mither for a call back.

    Spoke to an Inspector and she said that she would call us from 17th Sep after her holiday and she would be bringing our Sammy so we could see her this week.

    We are still waiting and my aunty received a summons on Saturday and she is very worried because she has never been in trouble with the police or anything and because they had no income from November for a couple of months they could not afford the said tablets.

    Can anyone give us advice, this is a first time BUT they inspected the property and said the cats are fine etc but my aunt is worried that they will take them away if she is "found guilty" or whatever happens.

    Any info would be appreciated.

    I was a member of the RSPCA for five year until the past couple of months, and I have been rather shocked at how they deal with calls etc. I have phoned them about chavs beating dogs and they take ages to do anything but then a woman who loves her dog who has had no money to buy medication for 2months is summoned to court... how are they allowed to do this Sad

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