Campaign to bring private prosecutions made by the RSPCA under the control of the CPS



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    RSPCA linked to ALF terrorists.

    Post  moonstone on Fri Jan 30, 2009 8:14 am

    That probably explains why a friend of mine who lives in the north of england and has a Rabbit rescue was arrested and had her PC hard drive plus camera taken away by the police Shocked she had 8 REW,s (red eyed white) New Zealand rabbits dumped on her doorstep and being the caring person that she is she took them in Smile after vet treatment some were re-homed but she kept 4 herself :)One morning at 6 am she was raided and had the rabbits seized plus her property as it was claimed that the bunnies were some that had been "liberated" by the ALF Evil or Very Mad
    She was told that the rabbits were being kept for DNA testing to try to prove that they were the stolen ones,they were "arrested" for nearly a year but have been handed back now Smile she was curious to know why she had been arrested and who would have "grassed" on her as she genuinly thought that these bunnies had just been unwanted by their previoud owner Rolling Eyes
    The rabbit rescue woman volunteers for RSPCA No say NO more scratch

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    Post  pilotman on Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:58 pm

    I hope that the Special Branch are looking into this as I have been told by a local Police inspector that the RSPCA are being investigatedin relation to theirlinks with the ALF.

    Also have a look at this copy of a letter to Disability Now magazine makes rather interesting reading especially when you seewho the author is !!! Is Jackanory still on the BBC ?

    Your letters - September 2008
    RSPCA prosecutions never taken lightly

    In response to your article (Disability Now August, Hounded), prosecutions are never taken lightly by the RSPCA. Prosecutions are only brought by the RSPCA following a consistent, fair and independent review of the evidence, to help ensure that the RSPCA’s prosecution work commands public confidence. This is particularly so in those cases involving vulnerable people.

    The code for Crown Prosecutors is applied by the RSPCA continuously throughout the decision-making process, in the same way it is applied by the Crown Prosecution Service. This is a broad test that considers the seriousness of the offence, the public interest in bringing a prosecution and the likely sentence to be obtained in the event of a conviction, which is significantly affected by a person’s particular circumstances.

    As an animal welfare charity, we aim to protect the animals in the case and others that may be at risk in the future.

    Thankfully, our inspectors resolved 92 per cent of the 137,245 incidents investigated by us in 2007 by providing owners with help and advice on animal care.

    Officers also work with other agencies where expertise and help for other issues may be necessary.

    However, in a handful of cases, ongoing animal cruelty can, unfortunately, only be prevented through court action.

    RSPCA inspectors are trained to deal with animal welfare and quickly identify anyone who may be vulnerable; if in doubt they are treated as such and given the required legal protection.

    All inspectors have equal opportunities training which encompasses disability and mental
    health issues.

    In addition, the legal training module includes the protection of vulnerable persons in relation to both the Human Rights Act and PACE (the Police and Criminal Evidence Act), and is reinforced throughout the training course.

    If a prosecution is undertaken against anyone, ultimately the court considers whether it is appropriate to do so.

    Sally Case, RSPCA head of prosecutions

    Sally Case need to come down on our farm she can help me shift the bullshit as she is used to speaking it !

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    Post  cuddles on Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:10 pm

    Former RSPCA employee Heather Nicholson was jailed for 11 years for her
    part in the animals rights SHAC attacks. The attacks focused on the
    hapless families of alleged suppliers to Huntingdon Life Sciences.

    Ms. Nicholson, it seems, has much in common with Robin Webb. Like Mr.
    Webb, Ms Nicholson left her position in the RSPCA to join the Animal
    Liberation Front (ALF) and the SHAC conspiracy. Like Webb too, she left
    an ostensibly innocent job to pursue an extreme animal rights campaign.

    Robin Webb was just one of several hard-line animal rights activists on
    the RSPCA’s ruling council. He was recently found by Mr Justice Irwin to
    be a “pivotal figure” in the ALF. He was filmed by Channel 4’s
    Dispatches offering advice on how to make a bomb and filmed again in the
    United States demonstrating how to make a different device.

    Anne Kasica of the SHG said:

    “Heather Nicholson may have been jailed for 11 years but there are
    plenty of extremists still at large and willing to step into her shoes.”

    “Many of them have strong links to organizations like the RSPCA. Because
    of this, many ordinary people – vets, lawyers, drivers and businessmen –
    have to live with threats on a daily basis.”

    “It is time that there was a full public inquiry into the membership and
    activities of the RSPCA and its employees.”

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